Spray on Clothing

Thumbs up to the Spanish designers who are working on creating spray-on clothing, for contemporary fashion. The design team also hopes to use the technology for spray-on bandages and hygienic upholstery. Manuel Torres worked with scientists from Imperial College London to invent the silly-string-like spray; the spray-able shirt is composed of short fibers mixed with polymers, dissolved into a solvent that allows it to be sprayed from an aerosol can or high-pressure gun. If you don’t like the color or texture simply dissolve it, using the same solvent, and restart the process. Torres takes care to spray extra fibers on the sleeves, making sure it will be strong enough to withstand normal movement. Initially, it resembles body paint as it fits against the skin, but as soon as you start moving it wrinkles just like a regular shirt. Torres says he worked with chemical engineers to design the system with the ultimate goal being a sanitary spray-on bandage system to instantly deliver medication, dress wounds or soothe burnt skin.

For now we will enjoy his hot, new spray-on clothing. Viva spray-on contemporary fashion! Viva thumbs up style!


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