Evolving Jean Fashion

Congratulations to The Gap. In these times when you have your decreased discretionary spending, and tight company margins to match the tight jeans on the rack, free advertising is good advertising.

Noteworthy news organizations rushed in to announce earlier this month that The Gap’s consideration of a new logo ignited a firestorm and is a “gamble.” However, the primary gamble was to determine how to best draw attention to its stores to offset their flagging share of the market. It was reported that introduction of the new logo “immediately touched off a customer backlash.”

Now why should that really be true? Their logo surely doesn’t make your buttocks move any better in their jeans. Nor does the fact that people recognize their logo on your jeans make your buttocks appear more firm and/or shapely. However, if you only socialize with those who wear your preferred brands or wear clothing that is priced in a similar range, you want your bottom’s social branding recognized!

One Facebook aficionado has even been quoted as commenting “If this logo is brought into the clothing [store] I will no long[er] be shopping with the Gap. Really a bummer because 90% of my clothing has been purchased there in the last 15+ years.” Thumbs up to that person for having identified a preferred source of life’s little pleasures. However, there is “style” and there is “a life”; something that this person apparently needs to get.

As for The Gap, Inc., their flagging stock prices got a brief bump up because of all of the free publicity (marketing), but they are still experiencing a challenging year. When you select your jeans, consider that most of us don’t particularly care to see the crack between your cheeks or care about the “gap” on them. However, as for you, no matter what logo you wear on your bottom, wear it well and with “thumbs up style.”

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