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Great last minute summer vacations to Mexico City – NOT!

We frequently visited Los Cabos, Cancun, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta in the past . . . . I did say “in the past”. If El Presidente (Calderon) plans to leave his country at the end of his term (soon), due to drug cartels, why should we feel comfortable visiting (now)?! Still want that last minute great vacation deal to the Mexican Riviera?

Thumbs up style is visiting all of the American destinations that you previously ignored.

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Again — People Line Up for New iPad

Analyst Michael Gartenberg noted that customers were able to pre-order Apple’s new iPad — and the new iPad still sold out quickly and left a lot of demand for in-person sales. What’s also remarkable, he said, is the “trust that customers still have in Apple, since they’re willing to buy a product none of them have seen.”

I hope that they have plans to do something other than play games and watch movies.

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Date Night: Thumbs up for 12 ideas with Style.

“Bing” recently posted a very poor attempt at defining the concept of a “free” date, including favorite/best ideas such as: a picnic, hiking in areas of natural beauty, double movie night, lake swimming and teaching your date/partner a skill. A “free” date night is challenging, but lower cost is very possible; thumbs up for doing it with style.

First, remember that this is supposed to be date “night”. As such, there goes the traditional picnic, the hiking, and lake swimming (as Bing offered). Moreover, if your date offers to show you how to perform some minor household repairs as the focus of your date (another of the author’s ideas), I’d say you must be very committed already if you’re impressed with the offering. “Double movie night” may be acceptable, but the movies alone sure lack the creativity that warrants being included on a “favorite/best list.”  We can do better!

Ø      Most museums and art galleries regularly have dates with later hours, particularly for special showings that are open to the general public.

Ø      Challenge the person to a few rounds of your favorite gaming system distractions,BYFS…..bring you favorite snacks.

Ø      Cook a meal together.

Ø      Take night walks during special seasons (e.g., Christmas) to view lighting.

Ø      Visit a unique mall, Chinatown, or other dense ethnocentric communities with brightly lit and robust centers for night time strolling, window gazing, and sharing the sounds and scents of different people.

Ø      Have you bowled in a while? Ever?

Ø      Libraries sponsor (free) cultural films and speakers.

Ø      Members of the same gym or have a guest pass? Head to the gym for an alternative activity….swimming, hot tub, steam room, tennis or racquetball.

Ø      Local colleges have lower priced student productions.

Ø      Attend a seasonal church musical program or play.

Ø      Pull out lively board games set to your favorite background music.

Ø      Rental Movies – watch a couple. But, fix an unusually flavored popcorn or alternative light and voluminous snack.

Date night can be a lot of things, but it does not need to be expensive. Contact us with relevant comments.

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