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Choose the right wine for dining during your interview.

Have you ever been at dinner at which the potential hiring parties ordered wine or another alcoholic beverage? What is the right choice to make to make a good impression?

A non-alcoholic beverage. Unless you are going to work for a vintner, brewery or like business, its safer to not risk losing “your mental edge”.  A study entitled “The Imbibing Idiot Bias: Consuming Alcohol Can be Hazardous to Your (Perceived) Intelligence”  found that employers are using a legal dinner beverage as tool to attempt to trip you up or by which to suggest that your choice to have a drink (along with them) is an unwise personal choice that might portend potential adverse decisions in the future; talk about entrapment.

Thumbs up for “no wine” or other alcohol consumption while engaging in interview-related dining.

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All about the Presentation

A neighbor used a spiral slicer to turn fat hotdogs into a “Slinky” before setting it in its tiny bed of Romaine lying upon the open bun. She sautéed a healthy number of circular slices of red onions, without breaking them, and fanned the savory ringlets across the length of the dogs. She followed by applying central, petite dollops of a spicy salsa. Slicing cucumbers along the diagonal, she set them along the sides. Small plates of pre-seasoned baked French fries complemented by small accents bowls of green chili sauce and guacamole completed the small meal. It was a simple inexpensive repast, with style and presentation. Consider applying the same principle to other aspects of your life. Some lemonade with a sprig of mint leaf anyone?

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Slimey Eateries – No Thumbs Up!

McDonald’s has announced that it will be discontinuing the use of the controversial meat product known as boneless lean beef trimmings in its burgers.

The product was recently brought to the attention of the public by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who derisively referred to it as “pink slime” on an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,

These trimmings, which consist of what’s left of the meat after all the choice cuts of beef are taken, are banned for human consumption in the U.K, where they are instead used for dog and chicken food. They are legal for consumption in the United States, however, where they are treated with ammonium hydroxide in order to kill off bacteria such as E. coli and make it safe for human consumption.

Why did they have to wait until the “slime” got publicly noticed? A whole lot of restaurants should receive adverse marketing, “thumbs down style” for caring more about their bottom line than the health of their customers.

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