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A French Vacation

As I considered vacation destinations I noted that the once famous Champs-Elysees in Paris is now surrounded by shops with signage such as: Nike, Levis, Banana Republic, GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie & Fitch and more. If I wished to see these retailers I could stop by the local mall. So, maybe I’ll head to the Epcot Center Orlando, FL or Las Vegas, NV to get a French-American vacation experience without needing to travel so far. A vacation is part of a rich life, but great style doesn’t have to mean a foreign destination.

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Apple iphone 5 – What goes around comes around

Now that Apple has finished round one of its suit against Samsung for claims of patent infringement, we are likely to soon hear about the Chinese manufacturer of the Goophone 5 suing Apple for the same as Apple prepares to launch its sale of the iPhone 5. Samsung plans to appeal the decision in its case, saying it never attempted to steal anything from Apple’s phones.

Does Apple have the right to carelessly leak conceptual images and possible functionality ideas into the market for the purpose of pre-marketing and market feedback and be protected if other manufacturers elect to act on some of the ideas and information floated, beating Apple to the market? On September 12, Apple is expected to introduce its highly anticipated iPhone 5, but the company may find itself on the receiving end of a lawsuit., because what goes around comes around.

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